Charlotte Bardet

Charlotte is the General Counsel for CJCH Limited, overseeing all legal operations and engagement strategies. In addition to a Master of Law degree in International Criminal Justice and Armed Conflict, she also holds an Honours degree in Economics with Spanish and completed an internship with the United Nations. In her legal career, Charlotte completed her professional training through CJCH Solicitors, before and has also held various senior business and legal positions within the software anti-piracy and license compliance division.

Charlotte expressed the following regarding the future envisioned for CJCH Legal & Compliance Services, “The future will see us move away from the legal umbrella that we have been working under towards an advanced tech and consulting company utilising automation technology, providing sophisticated data analytics and licence compliance expertise, as well as establishing a name for ourselves in the legal enforcement of our client’s copyrights across the world. In terms of my role, I enjoy leading the team and helping them achieve success both for CJCH and our clients.”