CJCH Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance service: Did you know?

by Alexandra Roach

The Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance division of CJCH Solicitors caters for the copyright protection needs of several global clients. The division comprises of two main teams:

  1. The Anti-Piracy and Business Intelligence researchers – who perform comprehensive and evaluative research providing the firm with the building blocks that their cases are established on; and
  2. The Compliance officers – who (in collaboration with their respective commercial teams) put the cases into action.

These teams are made up of individuals belonging to an impressive 26 different nationalities, all of whom offer linguistic and cultural expertise allowing them to effectively engage with clients, cases, and infringers from over 42 countries around the globe. This level of diversity and multi-nationalism in such a concentrated space is a demonstration of just one aspect of the commitment and sophistication the firms cross-border Anti-Piracy efforts.

Below is an image highlighting a spread of the countries in which CJCH currently operate in including some figures showing the number of cases created in the corresponding countries across the 2017 calendar year.

CJCH’s work ranges across 42 countries worldwide, covering a huge 14.6 million km² of digital aerospace!

As shown above, with such a high numbers of cases it’s not surprising that the teams who deal directly with the infringing companies are experts at knowing what to expect when they are confronting suspected infringers.

In light of this, the Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance team are often confronted with a range of interesting, if not repetitive, explanations for the infringing behaviours. There are only so many excuses for the same crime and the conviction with which the same lines are delivered time and time again is surprising. Some reoccurring classics include:

“I have done no such thing, neither has anyone else within my company. It must have been a passer-by.”

This after having been presented with evidence of hundreds or even thousands of infringements registered on the property in question.

“We have no use for your software.”

Regardless of their websites and associated job-site platforms explicitly claiming the opposite.

“I’ve never heard of your software.”

In spite of the fact that the individuals involved had been linked to a number of companies, both with the same registered illegal usage of a client’s software.

Since the creation of the Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance department in November 2014, the range of services provided and the global scale on which CJCH provide these services has grown exponentially, with current plans and predictions only expanding their reach. The firm continues to grow both in size and sphere of influence, with many an exciting development on the horizon.

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