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CJCH Legal & Compliance Services is a leading service provider of protection relating to the intellectual property rights of software vendors with the aim of promoting technology and behavioural change, as software piracy is not a victimless crime.

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The effects of software piracy have economic and social impacts on the day-to-day lives of all people. Unlicensed and unregulated software usage could result in safety, security, reputational, and cyber risks to the end user of the products and materials.

Our clients use various methods to detect and identify third parties who make use of software without authorisation. We leverage this information to build understanding in respect of the landscape around software and its use in the full value chain from concept through to delivery.

At CJCH Legal & Compliance Services, we are committed to being your software compliance partner and providing ongoing support and bringing value to your business by protecting your software development investments.


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Software has become crucial in today’s value chain, where the time to market and product quality are essential to economic success. Consequently, protection against unfair competition where others profit from using unlicensed software is vital.

Using cracked software poses significant legal, security, technical support, performance, and reputational risks to businesses. CJCH Legal & Compliance Services believes that all software deserves equal protection to avoid these risks.

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Legal Risks

Using cracked software is illegal and results in legal consequences. Software piracy is a punishable offense in many countries, and companies may face significant fines and legal action for using unlicensed software. These legal risks can also extend to individual users who may face legal action for using cracked software.

Cracked software can pose significant security risks to organisations and individuals. Cracking software often involves modifying the code, creating vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. In addition, cracked software may contain malicious code that can compromise the security of the user’s computer or network.

Cracked software cannot be supported by the software vendor or manufacturer, so users cannot receive technical support or software updates. As a result, compatibility issues and software bugs can impact productivity.

Cracked software may require constant fixing or crash frequently. The user may experience a lack of functionality, reduced performance, or other issues that can negatively impact their work.

Using cracked software can damage a company’s reputation, especially if customers or business partners discover it. It can lead to negative publicity, loss of trust, and harm the organisation’s brand image.

Cracked software is illegal and unethical and can pose significant risks to individuals and organizations. It is essential always to use licensed software and seek the assistance of professionals when dealing with any software-related issues. Ensure that the software your business makes use of is legitimate. Our solutions are scalable to suit your specific needs. Request an evaluation from CJCH Legal & Compliance Services.

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Changing Attitudes Towards Software Piracy


At CJCH Legal & Compliance Services, we believe behavioural change is core to recognising the value software delivers, and therefore its use should be authentic and genuine. It is an opportunity to build a relationship between you and the users of your software products.

We utilise professional negotiating methods to navigate sensitive situations to enable collaboration with unlicensed users to seek reasonable resolutions. Through this process, we aim to introduce self-awareness and instill an understanding of the financial and reputational impact that unlicensed software can have on organisations.

Our legal expertise, combined with our understanding of cultural differences globally, allows us to negotiate on behalf of our clients with the utmost professionalism to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our international specialists have successfully guided unlicensed users toward compliance with the user license agreement.